Dream-like Memories of Sagada

IMG_2757There are memories that knock on your door dressed in dream-like qualities: hazy, incoherent, full of moments that wrap the heart with a warm, lingering, silent joy. And without you knowing it, you start to physically manifest the beginning of a smile.

You think of a random physical thing to keep your thoughts grounded – one that would serve as an effective anchor as you travel back in time. In my case: the rose window of an Episcopal church, colorful wild flowers by the roadside, coffins hanging on a cliff, and succulent strawberries sold by a smiling vendor on a Saturday market.

My friends are still asleep – including two who returned to bed after preparing breakfast. Sleep is heavenly in cool mountain weather like this. I walk past a  café selling ‘orgasm-inducing’  lemon pie – consciously making an effort to slow down while appreciating the early morning fog flirting with pine trees.

“Good Morning! How much are these?” pointing at strawberries in white plastic cups. I don’t remember her reply, but I remember her smile; and how the succulent strawberries drip at the side of my lips when I bite. It is only a few minutes past six in the morning and I already know how the rest of the day will taste like.

And if this soft ray of sunshine piercing through the morning fog is of any indication, I am sure the rest of my stay here in Sagada – romantically described by many as the quaint town in the clouds – will be warm and unforgettable.

6.15 am in Sagada

      Pine needles at sunrise.


      ‘Death’ in the morning.


      St Mary’s Episcopal Church- Sagada


       The Wheel



      Seeing curves and lines.




falls by edward

      Photo credit: Ian/Edward


     Photo credit: Edward


      The hanging coffins of Sagada.



     Sagada Eight: It’s cold down here!  Lumiang-Sumaging Cave Connectionclimb cave


    George Guest House (where we stayed).



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13 Responses to Dream-like Memories of Sagada

  1. James says:

    Sagada looks like the perfect town to spend a quiet weekend – even the name is suggestive of some romantic, faraway place! Caving, rice terraces and strawberries… and a great escape from the heat of the lowlands. Another reason for me to get on that short flight to Manila/Clark/Laoag. 🙂

    • James, book even with your eyes closed! Just do it! 🙂 If I remember correctly, it took us about 6 hours from Manila to Banaue then another 3-4 hours from Banaue to Sagada. The place is so laid-back.

  2. I want those strawberries! Great descriptions!

  3. Miguel says:

    Ganda ng mga kuha ah! 😀

  4. Bama says:

    A very eloquent description of such a laid-back place. I love how you captured all the beauty of simplicity, both in words and pictures. I might consider visiting this place one day when I have the proper amount of time to explore the Philippines.

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