Magat Dam (Ramon, Isabela)


Things don’t always happen as planned. You either make the best out of the situation, or move somewhere where you think that plan would materialize.

Take the case of my planned Magat Dam trip. Two nights ago in a bus going to Isabela, I envisioned myself taking photos of the dam either during sunrise or sunset. But if you’re here to check my wristwatch, you’ll see that both hands are pointing  to our usual idea of ‘north’.

For now, moving somewhere (or waiting for another 5-6 hours) doesn’t seem like a good idea.

And here comes the rain.









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2 Responses to Magat Dam (Ramon, Isabela)

  1. Yeah sometimes a lot of things happen that are not in our plans. Nothing to do but make the most of it 🙂 I hate rain when I travel. That usually means staying indoors! 😀

  2. Dennis says:

    Sometimes the best things happen when we don’t plan them. Whatever Ma Nature throws our way, they might just as well make for a real good story to tell. Or a lesson to learn from.

    Even the muted colors on your rainy day tell a lot!

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