In Saigon, “Even the Nights are Better”

1A visit to Saigon is like a spiritual retreat (click here to know why). It compels you to look inwardly – grime, and all. But to say that the city is all bout relics and memories of Vietnam War  is shortsighted.

For me, in Saigon, “even the nights are better”.2









What do you think?  Should it be : “even the days are brighter”?

note: Even the Nights are Better is a song from Air Supply (1982)

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3 Responses to In Saigon, “Even the Nights are Better”

  1. I’ve been to Saigon 4 times, and every time I go there, I always go out walking at night, from District 3 to District 1, taking pictures or just absorbing the different vibe of the city. Lovely day and night pics! Wish I’d thought of that hehe

  2. Dennis says:

    Great concept on day & night shots. You’re giving us a glimpse of Saigon’s known structures as if dressed at for … well, day and night. And that takes determination on your part to go back on these different locations twice!

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