The Philippine National Museum


I felt infinitely small when I first visited the Philippine National Museum last February. Being surrounded by tangible reminders of history was a humbling experience – the artifacts and artworks connived to remind me that in the grand scheme of things, I am both  nothing, and everything.

Our collective history is filled with personal triumphs, sacrifices, mistakes, and learnings – I am just a speck of sand soil in the Manunggul jar; you are a slab of wood in the balangay. Our personal existence is just like a little brush stroke in the Spoliarium – insignificant considering how physically large and grand this painting is; But without which, the artwork will never be ‘complete’.






  note: photos were taken using a camera phone.

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5 Responses to The Philippine National Museum

  1. Bama says:

    Is this museum located around RIzal Park? I remember some old buildings with the same color around the park. Anyway, I only visited Ayala Museum during my short visit to Manila, and I loved it! That was the first time I truly comprehended the history of the Philippines.

    • It is near Rizal Park Bama… and the Manila City Hall (the bulding with a big clock). Ah, it’s quite convenient to visit Ayala Museum… I hope I’ll also be able to drop by Museums in Jakarta next year.

  2. Dennis says:

    I’m glad our national museum has a grand home now – it’s just fitting, after all, a national museum is something that speaks volumes about Filipino culture and heritage under one big roof. Something that not only foreign visitors will learn something from but Pinoys as well! (hoping to drop by there one day, if not later this year).

    • Drop by if you’re home this year. 🙂 You’re right Dennis, speaks volume indeed – I would have appreciated the visit more had there been brochures (just like in museums outside the country) that could help visitors locate key museum exhibits…with explanations/background…or even recorded tour voice/video guide. 🙂 And maybe a ‘bridge’ connecting the two museums. #wishlist

  3. Villanueva says:

    I’ll try to drop by in that museum once I have my vacation, good to know pinoy nowadays are looking for their OWN history. keep it up.

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