Solitude and Disappointment


I woke up this morning with a slightly heavy head from the drinking session with colleagues last night. Despite not feeling well, I went around the resort area as planned.

While the following photos might look ‘inviting’, this is not a place I would visit again any time soon. Why? Well, aside from the ever-present ‘tilapia’ in every buffet meal, one resort staff gave out ‘raffle coupons’ which turned out to be a ploy – their way of getting customers’ contact details.

About an hour before we checked out, I received a call informing me that I won a free 3-night Hotel stay in Manila; and that I could get the voucher from their office in Makati. At this point, bells started ringing.  I suddenly remembered how one of my friends got ‘trapped’ in a three-hour hard selling engagement because she went to claim her voucher; one of those hotel time-sharing bullsh*t.

I was pissed off.








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2 Responses to Solitude and Disappointment

  1. Dennis says:

    Sounds like one I usually see in the US. They’re all sweetened temptations that may potentially give you a nasty cavity. If not through telephone calls, I find offers e-mailed to me. Time shares are not my thing so I just say “No” or dismiss them right away.

  2. elmer says:

    Whatever happened to BAlai Isabel. Sign of desperation perhaps

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