Low, dark clouds hover above Manila bay obscuring the famed sunset. From where I stand the city is literally under my feet. And without the bursting colors of twilight, the Philippine capital is reduced to a vast cheerless landscape broken into smaller parts by lighted highways .

I can’t wait for the rain to come.

The good thing is, (my) life doesn’t always mirror the weather like it does for characters in literature. This doesn’t mean I don’t have my version of ‘grey clouds’ and ‘impending rain’. I do – and now, they take the form of a Strategic Management paper and oral defense.

And they will come in August.

Until then, I will temporarily leave my blog so that I can focus on my paper. (Acting as if I have a large following.haha)

#Wake me up when September ends.

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4 Responses to Temporary

  1. Dennis says:

    You do what you gotta do….there are things in life we call priorities. All the best on your oral defense James!

  2. gladyssimo1988 says:

    Callmejames007 September left, come write again, you have nth following today. 😉

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