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Seven Reasons Why I’ll Never Forget Indonesia

Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia – Tomorrow morning, I’ll be flying out of Indonesia’s second largest city marking an end to my 9-day trip in this unforgettable country. I have read many good things about Indonesia even before I started planning the … Continue reading

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Dinagyang, With Eyes Wide Open

A sustained whistle followed by three successive short blows signals the beginning of a multi-sensorial feast. Consider the tribal warrior covered in paint wearing  fire-colored headdress making aggressive steps towards the center. Behind him, the tribe members aim their arrows … Continue reading

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From Mt Pulag to Banaue (and everything in between)

Banaue, Ifugao. Remembering the last 364 days is made easy by the sound of water streaming across this little town famous for the handiwork of its forefathers. From where I sit, I can see the mountains carved over the last few … Continue reading

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Solitude: The Glory of Being Alone

“Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god” – Aristotle   In this sense, I guess solo travelers are wild beasts – never hindered by personal limitations, and always feeling the need to roam. For many, … Continue reading

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Chasing Dreams and Sunrise: Two Mornings at San Juanico

Looking outside the plane window made me realize I won’t make it to the bridge before sunrise. It was only 5:35 am but the golden disc is already rising from the sea. I first saw San Juanico Bridge as a child … Continue reading

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Low, dark clouds hover above Manila bay obscuring the famed sunset. From where I stand the city is literally under my feet. And without the bursting colors of twilight, the Philippine capital is reduced to a vast cheerless landscape broken … Continue reading

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The City as an Impetus of a Deadly Sin

If Singapore is a deadly sin, I would name it Envy because of the feeling this city stirs in me every time I step on its soils. The mall-like atmosphere of Changi Airport, tree-lined highways with flowering plants in the middle, and … Continue reading

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The Singapore Pub Crawl

Smoke permeates the air. I initially felt out-of-place because I don’t consider myself a party boy; You see that girl from Sweden – what’s her name again? Ah, the music is too loud. Conversations are merely punctuated by smiles that … Continue reading

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