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Dream-like Memories of Sagada

There are memories that knock on your door dressed in dream-like qualities: hazy, incoherent, full of moments that wrap the heart with a warm, lingering, silent joy. And without you knowing it, you start to physically manifest the beginning of a smile. … Continue reading

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On Taal (and Filipino Hospitality)

 The smell of sun-dried horse manure wafts from the ground; I breathe in. It is only thirty minutes past nine but humidity is already restrictive. Beads of sweat trickle down my forehead; then to my brows where they accumulate before … Continue reading

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Viva! Viva!: Blurring the Line Between Truth and Fiction

A good festival is like literature -it is capable of blurring the line between truth and fiction; the grotesque and the beautiful. It effortlessly combines expression of faith and propensity for merry-making. Once there, you begin to forget time. Seconds are measured by … Continue reading

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The Taxi Driver as Face of a City: My KL Experience (Part 2)

I remember in no particular order: -a lingering hug which, when translated into words, would mean “I’m happy I’ve met you”; -man-made lake, in equal parts pretentious and grand; -four pairs of feet trying to outrun time; -a grey and … Continue reading

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The Mountain Whispered: Stories from Mt. Pulag

I sit behind a patch of dwarf bamboos to shield me from the biting cold. Just hours ago at the base camp, temperature dropped to 4 degrees Celsius – unbearable for someone used to Manila’s scorching heat – made even … Continue reading

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